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Great utility, but with one minor glitch...

Setup is easy and it does bulk conversions quickly and cleanly. I’d give it five stars except that in a whole bunch of the files I converted from Clarisworks and Appleworks the last line of the file was for some reason cut off.


On OSX 10.12, this app crashes constantly and is vertually useless

Exactly the tool I needed, AND IT WORKS!!!

Great tool. Works great. User interface is a little old-school and could use some beatification but that does not affect the fact the program does exactly what it says it can do. I would like to see the option of having tags copied to converted files. Thank you so much for witting this program. I searched very hard to find a simple tool to do batch conversion from xls to xlsx ( a frequent task I need to complete to input fies into an analysis program). It amazed me how difficult it was to find a program to do this and how few are availble. I would suggest you push to advertise your program with search terms as finding it was not easy. I also noticed you have written other programs to convert to PDF formats. It ouwld be nice to see a combined tool with a fresh interface. I would be happy to upgrade!

Fast, easy and doesnt require internet uploading

I was a little worried that this application, like some others, would require me to upload my files to a remote server to do the conversion. I sent the developers a quick question since I couldnt find any documentation about required interenet connectivity on their support website. They responded within 24 hours that no internet connectivty is required to use the app after the initial download is complete. So I purchased the app, downloaded it, turned off WiFi, and proceeded to convert a large number of files from .doc to .docx. The tool worked great.

Amazing! Wow Really Works!

I have been running around in circles for years trying to develop work arounds for my father to save onto AppleWorks documents that he created years ago. Like to drive me crazy that he would not update OS X just to preseve his documents. A 2008 MacBook stuck in Leopard. Upgraded to El Capitan, updated all apps, installed Office 2016, Upgraded the drive to 500 GB and RAM from 2 GB to 8 GB then realized I had not done anything for the AppleWork docs. Document Converter to the rescue! :-) Settings set to keep creation dates and include .cwk in the file name. Magic!

Not only for legacy files

While I purchased this app about a year ago to convert old Word 1, WriteNow, and Claris Works files and it has done fantastically with all of those, I have also found that it does a far better job of converting NeoOffice/Open Office .odt and .ott files than saving them as .docx in NeoOffice and opening them in Word does. It is superior to what the performance of my no-longer-suported DataViz MacLink Plus was and is so reasonably priced that I truly never thought that would be the case when I first bought it…but it was so reasonably priced that I bought it anyway and am amazed every time I open it by just how good it is for how little I spent!

Holy cow!

This thing really works. I thought my teaching files from the 1980’s were a loss. They were Clarisworks files…..ancient. This program converts them almost instantly. Thank you!

Finally, AppleWorks files restored!

I had some old AppleWorks files (probably version 5 if not earlier) and before buying the software, I contacted the developer to ask if he’d try converting one of the files before I invested in the software. He replied by return, I sent the file, and moments later, it was converted! Have now used it on the rest. Worth every cent just to recover a series of family trees that span two hemispheres and around 10 generations of family history. The developer is very responsive, and I appreciated his help. The conversions do need a little editing (text boxes need re-sizing, or fonts down-sizing) but that’s a minor inconvenience and I don’t think there’s anything can be done about that (fonts have changed over the years). I heartily recommend.

Does exactly what I wanted it to do

I highly recommend this app. I converted 646 old Appleworks files in less than 10 minutes. Here’s how: 1. Locate all .cwk files using Spotlight. 2. Choose the export options in the software (.doc, .xls, etc.,) I set the destination path to be the same as the source, and chose to maintain creation and modification dates. 3. Drag and drop the Spotlight search findings into the software and click Export All. In a couple of minutes it was finished. I dug deep into some random folder structures, and there sat a .doc or .xls file next to the .cwk file with the same date - every time. The only hangup I had was .docx files were not able to be read due to an xml error. I don’t know if that’s because I’m on an old machine or if it’s a software glitch.

Converting old make Works and Pages documents

Very happy. I converted several hundred old Mac word processing program from iWork and Pages… Was a breeze and got in done in less than 2 hours while watching TV… As a writer I was extremely aggravated that Apple failed to create an automatic conversion of its own word processing in its own system. Shame on Apple but I have to give Document Converter 5 Stars. Can’t beat the deal and the work it saved. Previously I was opening documents on my old Mac, copying and pasting into emails and emailing documents to myself to paste into new documents. Grateful for a smooth process!

Fast and Accurate

Document Converter was a lifesaver when converting hundreds of files from my previous word processor to the one I now use. It converted everything accurately and faster than I thought possible. I am impressed!

Like a hot knife through butter!

As a long time Mac user, but no “techie”, I had to deal with old .cwk file formats in a Yosemite age. Hundreds of .cwk files were dead as doornails to me until I bought Document Converter a few days ago. Intuitive and easy to use; letters and spreadsheets are quickly translated, either as single files or batches, into current and once again readable and useable spreadsheets. I regained my “Archives” as a reliable resource and am delighted to have bought Document Converter, a very useful and well polished application. TGL v.1.2 September 28. 2015

Excellent application, better than Data Viz

So I have tons of old files going back to 1987. I have tried over the years (once in 2004, once in 2009) to use DataViz MacLink Plus to migrate the files. The results were spotty and I lost the original creation date of the files when it upgraded. I used Document converter to convert a bunch of old Office files. It handled Word and Excel incredibly well. It had trouble now and then with Powerpoint losing formatting on idiosycratic graphics. Naturally it couldn't open the old Microsoft Chart files and didn't handle some early MacWrite files - however - using Basilisk II I was able to access some of these odds and ends. My suggestion is to point it to a directory and run it - then double check the results before deleting the old files. Note you need to add the proper extensions to some files for it to recognize them. Thus armed with Renamer (a handy utility that easily adds file extensions) and this application I saved hours of opening files and resaving them. I really can't understand the review that complains about the lack of documentation. You don't need it. The interface is well designed. The results were superior to MacLinkPlus and the price is a fraction of what I paid for that back in the day. Worth it.

of limited utility

not a lot of help for this Macintosh user not intuitive enough, nor well enough documented for a lot of complex information; i.e., a steep learning curve

Document Converter

My computer is a IMAC, and operating systems upgrades had cost me the ability to open my hundreds of cwk files. After searching the ‘Net, I found the Document Converter at the Apple Apps Store, only $9.99! After downloading it, unfortunately, it would not convert cwk files to rtf. But fear not . . . After notifying the manufacturer, RootRiseTech.Com, of my problem, they walked me through the step-by-step solution to the problem, which was a problem on my computer, and not their software. And they responded to my help request the very same day! This app is very simple to use, and is amazingly fast in converting files. Well worth the price! There was a second problem a week or so later, seemed to be the same error message. I contacted the manufactuer, and they found the problem to once again was mainly associated with my computer, related to where the converted file would be placed. Couple of days later, they came out with a updated version that fixed the conflict with my computer. These people have a great product, and immediate response to your problems from their tech department. I highly recommend this Document Converter!

Does not convert Apple Works or Claris files

When converting old (1995) Apple Works or Claris Works files into word documents, those documents did not open properly in Word. The error message reads: “The Open XML file [name of document] cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents. Details, Unspecified error, Location: 2” Sigh.

Doesn’t convert Hangul Word Processing Docs

I bought this because it said it would convert (Korean) Hangul Word Processing Docs. I attempted to convert some and the and the App simply, and repeatedly crashes.

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